Pranayama has 2 primary aims: The first is charge of the rate of breathing and yet another would be to attract cosmic vital pressure to ensure that the gross, subtle and causal physiques get pervaded with this Divine Super Energy. Pranayama likewise helps a great deal in psyche control. A normally unmanageable and scattered mind could be focused at some point. Aside from this the road of preventing of mental distortions is laid lower. In a single voice the field of spiritual practices accepts the significance of Pranayama. It’s also essential in the perspective of accumulating good physical and mental health.

Whenever we breathe extremely fast the storehouse of energy that sustains existence dries up quickly and therefore a lengthy life time isn’t feasible. The greater the breathing is slow the greater our life time attains durability. This becomes very obvious when scientifically a comparative study is carried out around the breathing speeds of numerous animals.

The rate of breathing and life time of numerous animals is the following:

Hare- breath 38- age 8 years Pigeon- breath 37- age 8 years Dog- breath 28- age 13 years Goat- breath 24- age 14 years Equine- breath 18- age half a century Guy- breath 12- age a century Elephant- breath 11- age a century Lizard- breath 7- age 120 years Tortoise- breath 4- age 150 years.

In past occasions guy breathed 11-12 occasions each minute now we breathe 15-16 occasions. Thus his/her life time has decreased.

Once the speed of breath increases, warmth too augments. Therefore decreases ones life time. Individuals creatures who pant just like a dog i.e. whose panting is quicker they die faster too. A place to notice here’s that panting while increasing of warmth are proportional. When guy will get fever he begins panting. Exactly the same factor could be stated in a different way in which if our breath is fast the body too will get heated more. This increase of warmth and fast breath finish our existence faster.

A researcher known as Jactluve while revealing the mystery of the lengthy existence states that today guy&rsquos bodily temperatures are about 68.6. If it’s made 46 then guy can certainly love 1000 years.

In Pranayama we relax. Throughout duration of spiritual practice (Sadhana) special attempts are made which is seen to that particular even at other rimes throughout the path of your day we don’t breathe aimlessly. Rather you ought to always relax. Thus our overall health becomes seem and durability of existence is achieved.

Ordinarily our lung area relax and contract 18 occasions each minute. In 24 hrs the entire number is 25620. Every breath has about 500 cc air because individuals breathe erroneously. Ordinarily for any body of seem health 1200 cc of air ought to be used. People despite recognizing the necessity inhale only under half the quantity. It can make your body weak just like you consume half some of lunch or drink only half the quantity of water. But knower of advantages of breathing always advise us to follow along with suit and inform us that wayward breathing results in weakening of lung area. Thus ailments like t . b, cough, bronchial asthma etc will occur.

Taking deep breath slowly implies that the lung area get time for you to relax a little and makes use of this very little time to purify our bloodstream increasingly more. Thus the center too doesn’t get over labored and can achieve seem health. The famous footballer of England Midlothian was happy with his potent mind and. He credited this to breathing. In each and every breath he breathed in 2000 cc of air whereas as laymen consume only 500 cc. It’s the cheap but essential key to a healthy body and lengthy existence.

Dr McDonald opines: Taking deep breath slowly not just means adding nourishment to the lung area however that the digestive tract too benefits. In the perspective of bloodstream purification deep breath slowly is a lot more advantageous than all of the medications taken. Dr Knowles creates: Breathing helps guy execute more tasks daily and provides zest too. Diligent workers use more energy and therefore should tire rapidly. But this isn’t seen plus they appear more powerful. The main reason behind this really is by using more effort their lung area too work many hence more bloodstream purification happens. Dr Matno further opines that breathing beneficially influences the mind. The advantages include good memory energy and love of existence.

Lung area are in work mainly in air flow within the body. Within the subtle body it’s completed through the navel center. The body inhales/exhales air through the nose whereas the subtle body moves air. Prana is definitely an electric pressure which like oxygen is merged in air. Via inhalation and exhalation it is inconsistent. Obviously its existence is greatly not the same as air. Without doubt salt is included sea water but they exist slightly apart.

Prana is definitely an energy flow that flows within the subtle nerves from the subtle body. Just like despite bloodstream and it is veins possess a strong bond yet they exist aside from each other. Similarly although a powerful bond is available between subtle nerves of subtle body and Prana that flows inside it yet they exist individually.

Preliminarily we are able to state that via charge of Prana such Sidhis (Divine Forces) could be achieved that modern science will require centuries to achieve. Sacred material science includes Pranayama, Prana control via it and use of the mastered Prana. This shouldn’t be thought of as a benefit of some angel or sophistication of God. In the pristine pure form it’s but of utility value similar to your body machine used just like a factory. In Hatha Yoga many such Pranayamas are very well known and lots of miracles consequently are noticed. A couple of decades back Mister Edmund Hillary carried out the &lsquoOcean to Sky&rsquo expedition. Throughout that point a vintage Hatha Yogi of Allahbad tied a silken thread towards the 60 hp machined boat of Hillary and saw into it the boat didn’t move even 1 inch ahead. It was energy of pure Pranayama but as compared to the energy produced by such Pranayama if your Yogi errs the consequences are extremely dire and unwholesome. Misuse of atomic energy is really as dangerous for that doer because it is for that enemy. Keeping this in your mind Indian Yoga Seers discovered such Pranayama exercises which may be carried out with a person associated with a physical/state of mind. Right here we shall elucidate 3 such Pranayamas. Each year perform one sort of Pranayama daily. If the amount of hrs of practice is elevated daily time come to master is going to be about 6 several weeks. Within the fourth year all Pranayamas ought to be practiced together. Following this is finished Yoga applicants/Sadhaks can contact: All World Gayatri Family, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India or


1) In early pre beginning hrs after carrying out daily ablutions sit mix legged facing the eastern direction. Place both of your hands around the knees. Close your vision. Meditate on the truth that within the entire sky Prana principle filled with light and pervades it. Prana similar to clouds of hot steam shining in sunlight are flowing towards us every which way. And in this particular Prana we’re sitting gladly, quietly and enjoyably.

2) From both nostrils start breathing in and meditate on the truth that we’re imbibing in the human body clouds of Prana principle. Just like a bird and lizard enter their nest and hole in the same manner scattered Prana flow around us is entering the body through the nose. Thus it’s also entering our brain, chest, heart, stomach and all sorts of other organs.

3) Whenever you inhale deeply prevent getting blown out for sometime and feel psychologically: The Prana I’ve breathed in has become pervading every pore of my body system. Just like whenever you pour water on dirt it soaks water also our bodily parts are just like dry dirt and water as Prana has been drenched by our system. Further your body is also fully imbibing awareness, divine light, strength, zest, enterprise, persistence and valor which are conjoined to Prana (vital pressure).

4) Try to stop exhalation (after breathing in air) around you’re comfortable after which gradually exhale this air. In those days psychologically think: After imbibing the essence of Prana in each and every pore in our body dirty air has been released from the body. It is just like throwing out remains after butter is churned from buttermilk. All mental taints and distortions are now being released via exhalation of the air and like black smoke it’s tossing out all unwholesome imprints from the psyche.

5) After breathing out fully allow the air remain outdoors for sometime. Meaning do without air for sometime and think: Since all of the taints of my thoughts happen to be blown out I’ll shut all doorways in it. Now these distortions have try to escape miles from me.

Prior to doing Japa (Mantra chanting) daily perform this Prana Akarshan Pranayama classified in five parts. Initially perform 5 models of the Pranayama. Following this each month boost the number by another round of Pranayama. After growing thus in 12 months you need to have the ability to get it done for &frac12 an hour or so.


For that first year the above mentioned Pranakarshan Pranayama needs to be achieved as well as in the second year you have to practice Lom-Vilom Suryavedhan Pranayama the following-

1) Inside a peaceful lonely area be sitting with balanced poise. Face the east, sit mix legged, sit within the easy lotus posture, spine ought to be erect, eyes should be half shut, place on the job both knees. This really is known as the Prana Mudra and become sitting thus.

2) Bend the left hands and it slanting. In the palms put the elbow from the right hands. Enhance the right hands. Put the thumb around the right nostril and put the center and ring finger around the left nostril.

3) Close the left nostril with the aid of the center and ring finger. Whenever you inhale air it mustn’t be disseminate within the lung area basically but should see your navel area also. Gradually permit the air to fill the stomach easily.

4) Meditate on the truth that the sun’s rays&rsquos light on mixing with air makes its way into your body through the Pingala subtle nerve located in the best nostril. Its warmth is radiating our inner organs.

5) Allow the breathed in air remain for sometime inside. Shut both nostrils and meditate on the truth that through the concentrated light of Prana of Nabhi (navel) Chakra (subtle plexus) gets focused within the navel subtle plexus. The Photo voltaic Plexus getting continued to be latent for any very long time within the navel has become being affected with this concentrated Prana light. Hence it’s becoming radiant and it is aura is continuously enhancing.

6) Now shut the best nostril using the thumb. Open the left nostril. Gradually exhale air in the left nostril. Now meditate on the truth that the grime that induces inactivation within the Chakras has been released totally. Now because this grime is combined with the blown out air it’s no more radiant because it was when vital pressure was breathed in. It’s hence becoming yellow colored and through the Ida subtle nerve it’s being released in the left nostril&rsquos blown out air.

7) Now close both nostrils. Render the lung area empty i.e. lacking of air. Meditate the exterior vital pressure remains outdoors only. Since it doesn’t pressurize the interior vital pressure it’s very lightweight. The Prana from the Navel Chakra is concentrated such as the sun. Just like a ball of sunshine it increases upwards as fire flames. Its flames travel in the upper region from the stomach towards the throat. Within the inner subtle Sushumna nerve this ball of fireside (vital pressure) is making radiant the interior body.

8) Using the thumb close the best nostril and inhale air in the left nostril. Believe that through the Ida subtle nerve Prana shining superbly such as the sun and included air is entering your body. This light is entering the Photo voltaic Plexus located in the navel across the spine (Merudand). There it’s getting focused. Because of the main focus of the radiant light the Photo voltaic Plexus or Surya Chakra has become more radiant.

9) Now shut both nostrils. Steer clear of the air from flowing from the body. Meditate that radiant Prana combined with breathed in air is entering the navel&rsquos Photo voltaic Plexus and it is making it permanently radiant. The radiance keeps enhancing and like tongues of flames is marching upwards. Due to this light the Sushumna subtle nerve gets nourished continually.

10)Close the left nostril and in the right nostril gradually exhale air. Meditate the grime of Surya Chakra like smoke combined with radiant breath is rendering the second opaque and yellow. This yellow Prana air has been kicked out outdoors through the Pingala subtle nerve. Now because the inner grime continues to be removed the psyche/heart feels light and radiant.

11)Now again shut both nostrils so that as succumbed point number 6) render the lung area empty i.e. lacking associated with a air. Have the ball of sunshine of Sushumna subtle nerve going upward from Navel Chakra towards the throat. Experience that divine brilliant light stands out within the inner bodily parts.

This really is one Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama. Prana drawn within via inhalation of air is awakening the Photo voltaic Plexus within the navel region. It pierces its lethatgy and dark gloominess. After that through the Sushumna path this radiance travels towards the stomach, chest and throat. Hence this Pranayama is known as Surya Vedhan. Lom means straight and Vilom means upside lower. Once straight – once upside lower. Then upside lower after which straight. Then upside lower, breathing in from left, giving off from right. Breathing in from right and breathing out from left. Due to this cycle of straight/upside lower it’s known as Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan Pranayama.

3) Naadi Shodhan Pranayama for that 3rd year:

1) In predawn hrs facing the east, with spine erect sit mix legged. Keep your eye covers half shut.

2) Close the best nostril. Inhale air in the left nostril and on tugging it up until the Navel Chakra.

3) Meditate on the truth that within the navel area exists the entire moon like awesome light. The breathed in air is touching it.

4) Steer clear of the breath from heading out as lengthy while you had breathed in it. Meditate the breathed in air which touched the awesome full moon like light of Navel Chakra is itself becoming awesome and radiant.

5) Now exhale air in the same nostril that you breathed in air. Meditate the air (exhalation) that has become awesome and radiant on touching the Navel Chakra is making the Ida subtle nerve (that it’s blown out) awesome and radiant while breathing out.

6) For sometime allow the blown out air remain outdoors (don’t inhale) and again start the above mentioned pointed out process. In the left nostril inhale air and from this, exhale too. Close the best nostril with the proper thumb. Do that cycle 3 occasions.

7) Just like you’d done Poorak, Kumbhak, Rechak, Bahya Kumbhak in the left nostril in the same manner get it done in the right nostril. Within the Navel Chakra meditate around the sun rather than the moon. While breathing out air believe that the environment being blown out while touching the sun’s rays within the navel is rendering the breathing tube warm and radiant.

8) While closing the left nostril, carry out the above action 3 occasions.

9) Now open both nostrils. Inhale air concurrently from both nostrils and don’t ignore it out (don’t exhale). While opening the mouth exhale air from this. This course of action ought to be completed just once.

Three occasions while breathing in and breathing out in the left nostril meditate around the awesome radiant moon around the Navel Chakra. Three occasions while breathing in and breathing out in the right nostril meditate around the warm radiant sun around the Navel Chakra. Once inhale from both nostrils, shut the nostrils and exhale gradually in the mouth. Each one of these 7 steps come up with makes 1 Naadi Shodhan Pranayama (Yogic subtle nerve purification).

4. Within the fourth year practice altogether:

After effectively performing the three Pranayamas within the 4h year practice these 3 Pranayamas together. Initially 3 Pranakarshan, 2 Lom-Vilom Surya Vedhan and 1 Naadi Shodhan ought to be done. Later its number could be augmented within the above ratio.

After practicing the above mentioned the aspirant or Sadhak can get divine encounters. This is often shown to some reliable person guidance can also be requested but never ought to be this employed for idle superficial information and talk. If these Pranayamas have matured then based on encounters achieved to date further guidance could be obtained from


1) Practice Pranayama before eating anything.

2) The area ought to be pure with outdoors. Never practice Pranayama where there’s foul stench.

3) Initially perform only one or two Pranayamas and just later increase some time and number.

4) After carrying out Pranayama for one hour don’t lift heavy objects.

5) Praqna energy in the pure aspect has potential of electricity. Hence much like laws and regulations of electricity before the recently produced Prana (vital pressure) isn’t correctly &lsquodigested&rsquo till then don’t touch metals that conduct electrical current. There’s no harm in touching gold, silver ornaments yet others of their class.

6) Throughout Pranayama practice just as much out of the box possible, avoid sexual activities because like other organs throughout such occasions genital area could possibly get excited effortlessly. Throughout this time around span either don’t comb hair or get it done oneself and rather than being bare feet put on shoes made from cloth or wood.

7) Should you sleep on bedsteads don’t use very soft bedding, pillows etc that provide pleasure towards the body.

These types of points of caution that really help faster growth of Vital Pressure and Vital Body. Pranayama is really a direct science whose benefits could be acquired by one whether it is an atheist or perhaps a theist. You might get miraculous gains yet most certainly you will get inside a mundane manner in which you receive a lengthy life time, a healthy body, zest, daring, brilliance in eyes, deep sleep, lightweight physically etc.

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