Winning Leukemia with Healing Beets

Certainly one of my co-employees was identified seven years back with leukemia. His prognosis was not so good he was told he’d about 6-12 several weeks to reside. His doctors informed him of the significance of chemotherapy treatment, that they declined for their surprise.

The individual made the decision to find alternative techniques of treatment. He investigated the results of diet composed of raw fruits and veggies. In the research, he discovered a study done in a nearby village of Chernobyl. A lot of the population situated close to the nuclear plant explosion have been identified with some type of cancer. However, that one village had very couple of situations of cancer. It had been later came to the conclusion the individuals diet only at that nearby village comprised primary of raw/cooked beets. The study researchers hypothesized that eating individuals cooked beets led to nearly all cancer-free population only at that nearby village of Chernobyl.

Regardless of the advice of his doctors, my friend thus started a rigid diet composed mainly of raw fruits, veggies, especially beets, and fresh-squashed juices. His prognosis was improving. He managed to get with the first 6 several weeks. Although his doctors cautioned he could have a relapse, he ongoing using the diet. Seven years have passed and my co-worker continues to be around today.

The medicinal worth of beets was utilized by such well-known doctors of a time long ago as Avicenna, Hypocrite, Galen and Paracelsus. Doctors of Ancient A holiday in greece used beet juice for stopping fevers, anemia, and illnesses from the digestive and lymphatic systems.

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