Saving Big Via Green Energy Tips

In today’s “green-oriented” world, people appreciate being able to get online and gather information on energy-saving programs geared towards saving both the planet and the contents of their wallets.

Especially useful are web sites, such as Savvy On Waste, that bring together a host of environment-friendly green articles loaded with informative, engaging articles found nowhere else on the Internet.

The contributing editors and writers of these kinds of web sites don’t expect a radicalization of energy-saving methods and solutions. Rather, believing that anyone can hop on a learning curve to learn something that’s simple, and not a burden, various topics and subjects include:

Money-Saving Tips 101
Using Stand-By-Power To The Max
Using Online Energy Tools

Money-Saving Tips 101

Listing valuable Energy Star appliance information, in addition to the latest reports from the U.S. Department of Energy, visitors discover tips of advice on using blinds and shades correctly according to their application at home or the office.

Savings received from simply setting the air conditioning thermostat back seven to ten degrees can be as much as 10 percent annually on an eight-hour day. Likewise, switching from electric to natural gas as much as possible saves big on your utility bills and helps the environment more than electric companies would like you to know.

Using Stand-By-Power To The Max

A relatively new term, this practice describes the best way to save big on electric energy–simply unplug the plugs in your house when an item is not in use. From from TV sets to your convenient microwave oven can become a gas guzzler, so to speak, when they remain plugged into the wall receptacle.

In fact, a typical American home easily has over 40 products that are constantly drawing electric power and consuming up to 10 percent of the electric bill–even although they are turned to “off.”

Using Online Tools

With the vast dynamics of the Internet, surfers to web sites benefit greatly from a myriad of online interactive tools that make calculating energy consumption in their homes or businesses a breeze.

Conveniently just click find links to other sites that help consumers estimate their own energy consumption for lighting, miscellaneous gas and electric appliances–while saving up to 20 percent via the use of these online tools and their recommended tips.

Being “savvy on waste” is what these kinds of green web sites are all about. Whether you’re a parent looking to cut costs or just someone trying to save the planet, click here for more quality information on going green.

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