Sacred Union: Relationship like a Spiritual Path

“When two souls have recently found one another, there’s established together a union which starts on the planet and continues forever in paradise.”

-Victor Hugo

Sacred Union signifies the alchemy between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in human form. The meaning of king and full is frequently accustomed to illustrate Sacred Union, because it involves both worldly and spiritual characteristics. Similarly, individuals that participate in Sacred Union invest in an appreciation that bridges paradise and earth.

Your way towards Sacred Union requires delivering old accessories and opening to some thing radiant, integrated and whole. Sacred Union may also be regarded as a spiritual path, for this is here now, within our most intimate associations, that people put our spiritual values towards the test. Our associations, if joined with deep conscious intention, could be a effective crucible for the own transformation.

Sacred Union means rebuilding the divine balance of masculine and female – both of them are essential, but they’ve been broken into a duality. Masculine energy is commonly focused, goal-directed, and intentional. Feminine energy frequently really wants to be radiant, expansive, and pleased–taking pleasure in as soon as. These powers don’t always work effortlessly together. And also the variations could be a supply of conflict.

The interior unbalances will also be shown within our three dimensional world. Our dominant western culture has a tendency to privilege masculine powers (frequently leading to over-masculinized ladies who are attempting to compete). And our new paradigm culture has a tendency to over-privilege feminine powers (frequently leading to over-feminized males). Sacred Union sees that both masculine and female powers are complementary and equal halves from the Divine. The important thing is based on finding our very own internal balance of those powers. Additionally, it may be useful, as well as juicy, to spread out deeply with individuals who represent another polarity.

Sacred relationship is thus the world by which we are able to undergo our very own healing-also resulting in a healing for that collective. But integration and healing requires both our some time and our focused attention- in the same manner we approach other spiritual practices. The next ten concepts are the ones recommendations to become fundamentally of making rapport that’s truly according to sacred concepts.

Ten Concepts of Sacred Union

1. Commitment – It is essential to produce a strong and encouraging container for the relationship, particularly when core wounds and material are triggered. This do not need to be marriage or perhaps monogamy but needs to be a powerful intention and dedication to produce the solid feeling of safety for wounded parts to emerge.

2. Welcoming emotional triggers – Your way towards spiritual awakening requires getting our core issues towards the surface to be able to obvious or heal them. Awakening is all about becoming fully divine and whole whatever is incorporated in the shadows needs healing. Employed in this terrain may include weekly challenges, childhood material, as well as relational designs and wounds from what seem to be previous lives.

3. Reliability and transparency – We discover that it is advisable to don’t have any subject be taboo. Everything can be used grist for that life changing mill. For instance, dealing with attraction with other people can result in core deal with jealousy. Discussing our truth and our responses to another’s truth could be a very potent chance for transformation. The bottom line is to become self-responsible within the truthtelling and try to turn to peel back the much deeper and much more vulnerable layers. The thing is to not be brutal but to become self-revealing.

4. Radical authenticity & humor – a vital principle of sacred union would be to welcome all areas of our being and personality in to the relationship-including facets of ourselves that could be culturally labeled wild, strange, twisted, or zany. Say “YES!” to all your partners’ sub-personas. While you do, your relationship may become VERY entertaining.

5. Praising of both masculine and female powers – Many of us hold both masculine and female characteristics, though many people tend more towards one pole. It is important the relationship create equal space for types of powers. For instance, in an effort to recognition both powers, we’ve built a sacred temple space within our home, by having an altar towards the divine masculine, another altar towards the divine feminine, along with a third altar centered on our relationship.

6. Realistic anticipation – Don’t turn to the connection for everything. Sometimes males and ladies want to get certain “vitamins” from elsewhere-using their company buddies, groups, situations. Make certain you’ve ample possibilities to give yourself another nutrition that you’ll require! Should you expect your lover to satisfy all of your needs, you will probably continually be disappointed.

7. Co-creativeness -A real sacred union ultimately finds expression in functions of mutual creation or service. Good examples for all of us have incorporated developing a beautiful home, cooperating on two different non-profits, sponsoring conferences and occasions that we have co-created, and today teaching together about Sacred Union.

8. Spirit of chance – Keep things fresh with holidays, escapes, breaking from ruts, learning something totally new together.

9. Growing awareness together – To reside awakened awareness, it’s first valuable to have the ability to connect with another person from the more open, dilated place. So create possibilities to grow together, which could take the type of open-eyed meditation with one another or conscious lovemaking.

10. Breaking from programs – People need to interrupt daily habitual designs of relevant from the more average awareness-which we admit can be tough! Our inclination as partners is to buy into habits that become obstacles to creative potential and. So we have to create pattern-interrupts that permit something fresh to emerge.


The above mentioned are actually only a small sample of the items we’ve learned. The most crucial factor we’ve learned would be to experience it all a spirit of chance, having a mutual dedication to help one another awaken and provide their finest gifts. That commitment alone can help you navigate many difficulties so that as more of your family and karmic history is removed, you’ll find your relationship becomes a lot more authentic, relaxed, humorous, wild, and free.

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