Reiki – what it’s and just how it really works


what it’s & how it operates

by Peter Mark Adams


&lsquoReiki&rsquo means &lsquouniversal existence pressure energy&rsquo. It’s a traditional, hands-on healing therapy according to &lsquochannelling&rsquo a flow of one’s. It’s totally safe and simple to use. Usui Reiki has existed for quite a while now &ndash for more than 88 years. Nevertheless it only has loved a stride of popular worldwide acceptance in the last ten years approximately. Still, ten years is lengthy enough for individuals to evaluate whether they find something helpful. The overwhelming sentiment among individuals who’ve used Reiki regularly is it has overflowing and enhanced their quality of existence, ameliorated their own health conditions and, from time to time, labored miracles.

Reiki is a user friendly and impressive type of &lsquohands-on&rsquo energy therapy. Worldwide Reiki is trained and used by independent professionals. The things they all share is they can trace their &lsquolineage&rsquo, from Reiki teacher to Reiki teacher, completely to Mikao Usui (1875-1923). My very own lineage is portrayed within the diagram (above).

Mikao Usui &lsquoelaborated&rsquo the process from a variety of pre-existing elements and traditions, however the energy itself found him automatically throughout meditation. It’s the continuity in teacher to teacher transmission that differentiates authentic Usui Reiki from the rest of the traditions of hands-on energy therapy which exist. A few of these are very ancient, for example individuals practiced inside the disciplines of Qi Gung or yoga, and others, for example bioenergy, constitute &lsquotraditional&rsquo medicine in a few communities although other medication is recent additions getting popped up during the last ten years approximately. A few of these later types of hands-on healing describe themselves as &lsquoreiki&rsquo though it might be better to explain them as &lsquoreiki-like&rsquo since other product reference to Usui Reiki. This information is about authentic or Usui Reiki, the Reiki produced by Mikao Usui and handed down through initiatic transmission from teacher to teacher lower to the current time. Reiki&rsquos effectiveness is really that it’s gradually attaining institutional acceptance both like a research subject so that as a part of conventional

treatment .

Reiki has become obtainable in some 15% people hospitals who offer a variety of complimentary treatments to patients in parallel with conventional treatment. This type of &lsquointegrated medicine&rsquo has demonstrated to become very popular and is just about the preferred patient care model in the majority of the world&rsquos leading hospitals. Inside a recent survey it had been discovered that 60% from the top 25 US hospitals have Reiki programs in position. Included in this are both outdoors Reiki Professionals supplying services in a hospital in addition to nursing staff been trained in supplying Reiki being an adjunct or complementary therapy. From the hospitals that don’t have Reiki programs in position, 50% are available to offering Reiki later on.

An advantage of Reiki is that it’s a completely secular practice. There is no need to think in Reiki, or other things for your matter, to be able to either provide or receive effective Reiki treatment. However inevitably have a tendency to embed Reiki inside their own belief systems, Reiki itself remains coolly and defiantly separate from any values. Reiki works with all belief systems &ndash or none &ndash and among the reasons want to know , would be to explain why this really is so. There’d be no reason in addressing these issues if there is not really a obvious consensus concerning Reiki&rsquos effectiveness among its countless professionals and customers worldwide. Whether getting used to aid greater relaxation in order to allay acute physical discomfort, Reiki could be appropriately referred to like a universal cure all. What type of &lsquoenergy&rsquo could it be and just how do you use it to advertise health insurance and healing?

The Three Amounts of Evidence

You will find 3 amounts of evidence for Reiki&rsquos effectiveness: anecdotal, survey, and experimental.

Anecdotal Evidence

Request any specialist or, better yet, experience Reiki on your own. The conclusion with Reiki is it works. And when you’ve got a health condition this, most importantly else, is exactly what matters. But how can we distinguish the results of Reiki from the &lsquoplacebo effect&rsquo &ndash feeling better as you think that something will work for you? Clearly there should be some thing, something much deeper, that may be counted as evidence. The next account is rather usual for the versatility and robustness from the practice:

Eventually my spouse observed that her 75 years old mother had lots of bruises on her behalf arms. Since her mother hadn’t had moving accidents, she suspected that could be because of internal bleeding. Her mother visited the physician and that he confirmed this was the issue. He identified the spleen was neglecting to forget about the platelets that thicken the bloodstream and let it clot (Thrombocytopenia). The bone marrow was creating bloodstream cells however the spleen needs to release them in to the blood stream. Normally the amount of platelets ought to be between 150,000 and 450,000 per microliter of bloodstream. Her mother&rsquos count only agreed to be 8,000. If she’d cut herself, the bloodstream will not have had the ability to clot and thus stop flowing. In the beginning the physician attempted Cortisone. The platelet count elevated to 160,000 however fell down again to 30,000 through the finish from the treatment. It was still way too low. She was told to hold back since anything might be done at this time. The spleen couldn’t be removed because the thin bloodstream will make any operation problematic, and regardless they didn’t know whether or not this works. At this time my spouse informed her mother to create her mind to obtain well and also to begin using her first degree Reiki on herself. She recognized these tips and began to methodically apply Reiki to herself every single day for any couple of hrs. The monthly platelet counts began to improve. First, they increased to 60,000, then to 145,000, after which up again to 195,000. Once they arrived at 145,000 her physician, the mind from the Haematology department in the college hospital, grew to become curious. He requested her if she was a little other treatment. She told him about Reiki, about that they demonstrated lots of interest, and stated, &ldquowhatever you&rsquore doing, please continue, it&rsquos healthy for you!&rdquo After 4-5 several weeks of systematic self-treatment she was completely and permanently cured. A couple of years later, my spouse told this story in a conference and thanked the physician, mentioning his title while he have been so open-minded and encouraging. Somebody within the audience was up and stated &ldquothat physician can also be practicing Reiki now&rdquo.

Survey Evidence

We’ve already noted the on-going integration of Reiki into hospital care, especially among the very best 100 approximately around the globe&rsquos leading hospitals who’ve adopted a built-in method of medicine. Consequently we’re now realizing the very first survey based evidence for the potency of complimentary treatments generally and Reiki particularly. Hartford Hospital has interviewed patients to determine the potency of its integrated method of patient care.

According of Reiki they’ve provided data that can help to determine the validity and effectiveness of Reiki across a variety of health conditions. Reiki functions to lessen discomfort, anxiety and fatigue along with the nausea connected with certain medications

and remedies .

Clearly Reiki energy does something very valuable of these patients. But could it be only the ‘placebo effect’ from the special care that they’re receiving or perhaps is there some genuine effect at the office? To determine this we have to request ourselves if Reiki is definitely an &lsquoenergy therapy&rsquo, what type of energy could it be?

What type of energy could it be?

What type of energy is Reiki? So far as mainstream science is worried the whole world consists of four fundamental forces: electromagnetism, gravity, and also the strong and weak nuclear forces that bind atoms together. Of those four fundamental forces the electromagnetic spectrum defines the boundaries of what’s visible to all of us &ndash and &lsquovisible&rsquo here includes from the littlest sub-atomic contaminants towards the most distant galaxies. We have to keep in mind, however, this visible world only comprises 4% from the total. Another 96% of reality consists of &lsquodark matter&rsquo and &lsquodark energy&rsquo &ndash so-known as for that simple reason we have not a way to determine it and absolutely no clue what it’s made from, though we’re fairly certain that it’s there. The electromagnetic spectrum is the only method we have to see the world around us, however it in no way exhausts the plethora of potential powers that may exist. Still as to know Reiki, then we have to begin by thinking about its likely regards to


Electromagnetism comprises a huge spectrum of powers varying in the very high frequency Gamma sun rays, after which moving with the lower wavelengths with X-sun rays, ultra purple light, the visible light spectrum and onto infrared, microwave, and lengthy and short radio waves in the really low frequency finish from the spectrum. Now where, if anywhere, does Reiki energy belong?

The Experimental Evidence: the quest for the healing frequency

Research on our bodies&rsquos natural electromagnetic (EM) fields &ndash or biofields &ndash continues to be on-going for several years. Every organ from the body includes a distinctive EM profile. These natural EM fields have been in the very low frequency (ELF) selection of the EM spectrum. Much standard medical technology depends upon these fields, for instance the electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) machines that appraise the electrical activity from the heart and brain correspondingly. Furthermore, electromagnetic treatments, for example magnet therapy, coded in the nineteen forties, and PEMF &ndash Pulsed Electromagnetic Area Therapy, coded in the seventies, established using EM like a treatment in conventional medical practice. PEMF works within the Very Low Frequency selection of 7&ndash8 Hertz/cycles per second. More lately a magnetic therapy known as Transcranial Magnetic Therapy (TMS) continues to be recognized as a good technique of dealing with depression .

In conjuction with the frequency selection of these remedies, the plethora of wavelengths released in the hands of hands-on healers has, to the very best of our understanding, been measured as oscillating between .5 &ndash 30 Hz/cps . The effectiveness of the signal present in experienced healers is between 700 to 1000 occasions more powerful than that created by non-healers .


Reiki manifests being an electromagnetic (EM) energy within the known and medically acknowledged very low frequency (ELF) selection of healing powers. It sweeps a variety of wavelengths within this range that seem to be good at starting healing in a variety of organs, the nervous, blood circulation and skeletal systems. For most of us it’s not the science however the actual experience with energy healing that actually counts. A while ago we visited a upon the market physician who’d were built with a stroke and been mattress-bound for many several weeks. Whenever we saw her she was depressed and withdrawn. She couldn’t use her right arm that was grabbed up and demonstrated no manifestation of movement whatsoever. Her hands was clenched tight. Both of us began to provide her Reiki. After a while there is a unique change in her own arm and hands which began to unwind and soften right up until she could move them again. Right after these remedies she could wake up and maneuver around her house once more.

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