Chakra Clearing with Essential Oils

Healthy Chakras are known to as “obvious” and “balanced”. They assist us to keep our feeling of harmony, obvious direction and purpose in existence. Balancing and healing the Chakras will transform the power flow completely altering our way of life.

Essential oils are utilized to treat the body, mind and souls On the physical level essential oils are utilized to treat common colds to alleviate discomfort reduce inflammation kill bacteria, fungus and infections. Essential oils relief, stress, anxiety and anger. On the spiritual level essential oils aid us in clearing our energy centers essential oils are ideal for relaxation techniques, statements and affirmations and visualizations due to the plants oscillations their Prana their existence pressure.

Essential oils promote a feeling of oneness using the world.

Application: Sit within an easy comfortable position, pick the oil that you’re most attracted for every charka healing then mix 15-20 drops in 4 oz bottle having a company oil, (Sweet Almond) after which affect base of spine and ft.

Closing your vision and repeating the affirmation

first Charka Root Base &ldquoI am&rdquo Muladhara

Location: Base of Spine

Element: Earth

Color: Red-colored

Essential Oils: Cederwood: earthy and grounding.

Frankincense: Centering encourages a feeling of clam.

Patchouli: Gives strength, grounding balancing.

Affirmation:: I’m centered, I’m grounded, I’am safe

second Charka Sweetness

Location: Sacrum

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Essential oils:

Cardamom: encourages sexual energy

Geranium: nourishes feminine creativeness

Jasmine: connects sexuality and spirituality

Ylang Ylang: encourages sensuality unites


I without any reason love and agree to myself whatsoever occasions.

3rd Chakra “lustrous Jewel&rdquo

Location: Photo voltaic plexus

Element: Fire

Color: yellow

Essential oils:

Ginger root: Encourages courage and confidence

Juniper Berry: Safeguards against negative affected

Peppermint: Helps you to over come sense of inferiority


I love and agree to who I’m.

fourth Chakra &ldquoUnstuck&rdquo

Location Heart

Element: Air

Color: Eco-friendly

Seem: Yam

Essential Oils:

Bergamot: Opens the center anda allows love flow in

Lavender: Calms and balances the center

Rosemary oil: Inspires belief and pleased love


I deeply and truly love and agree to myself.

fifth Charka &ldquoPurification&rdquo


Location Throat

Element: ETHER

Color: Vibrant Blue

Seem: Pork

Essential Oils:

Fennel: Encourages uninhibited communication

Geranium: For Interacting and listening thoroughly

Peppermint: Encourages clearness in communication

Lavender:Express truth without anger

Affirmation:I speak from me

sixth Chakra

AJNA &ldquoCommand Center&rdquo

Location Brow

Element: Light

Color Indigo

Sounds: om

Essential Oils: Tulsi clears your brain

Clary sage Fortifies the interior eye helps as much as see more clearly

Frankincense quiet your brain lemongrass encourages psychic awareness

Rosemary oil encourages obvious ideas, experience and understanding


I open myself to my intuition and greatest knowing.

seventh Chakra

SAHASARA &ldquo 1000 Fold&rdquo

Location Surface of mind

Element: Thought

Color Purple/ Whitened

Seem: none

Essential oils:

Rosemary oil allows us to to keep in mind our spiritual path

Neroli, encourages direct communication together with your sprit guide

Lavender aids in leading spiritual existence

Frankincense connects us using the divine


I’m truth, freedom love and sweetness

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