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Check out the VoIP GSM Gateway by ANTRAX

Do you need to buy a GSM gateway? Well, do not make any decision yet until you read the following information about the VoIP GSM gateway by ANTRAX. The ANTRAX GSM Gateway is a VoIP gateway that consists of 15 GSM Boards for every universal 3U sub-rack. Every single GSM board is able to support 2 channels that can be used for making simultaneous calls. The modules support any band of GSM frequencies, IMEI change, GPRS, and so on. Using the GSM gateway by ANTRAX, you will get the main features including module architecture, premium-level technology, Sim server and GUI software, setup and business launch with additional VoIP traffic by ANTRAX.

Regarding the main features mentioned above, the modular architecture enables the users to put the SIM cards apart from the gateways. You can connect the SIM cards via IP. The feature offers you great advantage especially when you want something safe for the call termination system. Another important reason why the GSM gateway is the right piece to have is because the module-based structure is an important part that enables you to reduce the load on every base station. The part itself is an anti-anti-fraud system that also allows you to place GSM gateways in various locations.

The equipment allows you to attach two or more SIM cards to every single GSM module in the modem. This is what you call as the Group Connection that can increase the reliability of the system and allows the smooth operation especially when you experience failure due to the attachment one or more SIM cards because of some reasons. When failure happens, the SIM cards will be automatically replaced from the array that was connected to the GSM module. Well, visiting our recommended website, you can choose an individual structure of the gateway and equip the gateway with any required number of channels. In this case, you surely can find the right tool with the price that you can afford.

Well, if you think that you want to know more about the GSM Gateway by ANTRAX, it is the best time for you to learn more and get the detail information about the products offered by visiting the website. You can even get free consultation, request pricing, and discussing the business opportunity by visiting the linked website. Just visit the link above or to understand more about the GSM gateway. If you think that you want to ask something, feel free to send message and get the answer from the dedicated one. Click the link now and good luck.