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A Smart Pool System

Would you like to spend less time on maintaining your pool and spend that amount of time with your family and friends instead?

Have you thought of going with a chlorine or salt system?  After the thousands of dollars that you have spent on your pool, filtering system, pump, pool liner, stonework, and more, why use chemicals or salt that will ruin, corrode, and degrade it all?

Do you want pool water that is beauty and health safe that won’t dry out or clog the skin, burn the eyes,  or damage the hair because no chemicals are used and you aren’t swimming in chlorinated water?

Also, who likes the “chlorine smell” you get after swimming in a chlorinated pool? Would you prefer a  system where there is no need to take a shower and wash your hair when you exit your pool because it is like swimming in bottled water with no use of chemicals?

The answer to all this is the Ecosmarte pool system. Many Ecosmarte customers install their own systems and find that the system is much easier to use and maintain than any other system for pools and spas.

One of the major reasons you should use this system is that it comes with the Ecosmarte Cloud,  which is an online resource for owners designated for them to be able to monitor the status of their swimming pools.  The Cloud will view and regulate pH and copper levels and keep customers updated regularly.   An App for this Cloud will soon be available for Android, Apple, and Amazon.

Ecosmarte systems are safe for the pool equipment and stone work.. The system is programmable and digital. The automated pool system can be used on pools that hold up to 100,000 gallons. A digital display is on the system which fully automates the system including the pH control.

Ecosmarte is an environmentally safe pool treatment system and is extremely energy efficient due to the reduced filtration needed.  Being 100 percent chemical-free, there is no deadly chemical backwash that will pollute the earth.

Contact Ecosmarte to receive their FREE Comprehensive Pool Guide.  Also, a five-year warranty, and a Pool Manager Kit is included when you purchase the system.